Fish Faces Are Always Appropriate

A woman wearing a white Japanese wedding kimono called a shiromuku and a black wig with accessories, and making a fish face.
Forget duck lips—go full fish face

So this is me at my wedding in 2010, making a fish face. ‘Cause that’s what I do. I make fish faces at inappropriate times.

But really, is a wedding that inappropriate a place for a fish face, especially if it’s your own wedding?

Right. It’s a very appropriate place for a fish face. Especially when wearing a (surprisingly complicated) wig, layers and layers of kimono fabric, and a thick coating of white makeup. In fact, I’m fairly certain making a fish face is almost always the appropriate thing to do.

I’m glad we’re on the same page.

Published by helenkamakura

Helen is a Canadian writer and innkeeper based in Kamakura, Japan, where she lives with her Japanese husband and two children. If money became obsolete, she would happily accept peaches, fresh peas, and sun-warmed cherry tomatoes in exchange for her labour.

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