Overtop a Roadside Gutter (Poem)

Yesterday was Sunday, and on Sundays during these strange pandemic days—because I live in a touristy area—I try to avoid the downtown. But I still like to get out for some fresh air (breathed through a mask, of course) and exercise. I chose to wander some back streets and visit some temples off the mainContinue reading “Overtop a Roadside Gutter (Poem)”

A Poem About Quiet

Last summer, a friend introduced me to Jericho Writers, a writing community and business that aims to help writers navigate the craft and the world of publishing. I signed up for their Summer Festival of Writing, and then joined as a regular member. I am finally, at long last, catching up on some of theContinue reading “A Poem About Quiet”

The Complicated Feelings Caused By Aquariums

Today, my husband and I took our youngest to a nearby aquarium. Unlike our older daughter who prefers people-watching to animal-admiring, our youngest is enthralled by creatures large and small. Watching her little face light up, and seeing her clap (and force me to clap) brings me so much joy—even as I struggle to sortContinue reading “The Complicated Feelings Caused By Aquariums”

Potatoes For Lunch

UsuallyWe eat rice. And I forget about potatoes Until they’re wrinkled and shrunken and sprouting shoots. But today, I remembered. Today, maybe,I needed the extra comfort that only a potato can provide. I found them,In the bottom of the trolley, Where they sit with the onions and, For some strange reason,Kairo pocket-warmers. They were shrunken,Continue reading “Potatoes For Lunch”