Overtop a Roadside Gutter (Poem)

Yesterday was Sunday, and on Sundays during these strange pandemic days—because I live in a touristy area—I try to avoid the downtown. But I still like to get out for some fresh air (breathed through a mask, of course) and exercise. I chose to wander some back streets and visit some temples off the mainContinue reading “Overtop a Roadside Gutter (Poem)”

A Poem About Quiet

Last summer, a friend introduced me to Jericho Writers, a writing community and business that aims to help writers navigate the craft and the world of publishing. I signed up for their Summer Festival of Writing, and then joined as a regular member. I am finally, at long last, catching up on some of theContinue reading “A Poem About Quiet”

First Impression of Tokyo

This is a bit of a throwback, having first appeared on my first blog, which I started just after arriving in Japan in 2006. Sadly, that blog no longer exists. Makes me wish I’d written down my first impressions on paper. The original blog still existed when I started my second blog, which was aboutContinue reading “First Impression of Tokyo”