Hot Pot and Ohagi at Abe Noen Farm

Back in December, I was invited up to Sendai to take part in a few tourism-related programmes the area has to offer. First, I visited Kanbai Shuzo Sake Brewery. You can find out more about that here. I also had the chance to visit Abe Noen Farm in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture. Abe Noen is run by theContinue reading “Hot Pot and Ohagi at Abe Noen Farm”

Kanbai Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour, Tasting, and Label-Making Session

Back in December, I was invited up to Sendai to take part in a few tourism-related programmes the area has to offer. Now, even though I’m not much of a drinker, I enjoy tours of breweries and the like; there’s just so much to see and discover. Plus, the chance to speak with locals aboutContinue reading “Kanbai Shuzo Sake Brewery Tour, Tasting, and Label-Making Session”

The Picnic (Flash Fiction)

Another Friday, another attempt at flash fiction. This week, the word limit was three hundred. I wrote this story before last week’s (Freshly Tilled Soil), when I was on a bit of a “let’s try something creepy” kick. Japan is famous for its blades, and there are various regions where specific techniques are well known.Continue reading “The Picnic (Flash Fiction)”

Overtop a Roadside Gutter (Poem)

Yesterday was Sunday, and on Sundays during these strange pandemic days—because I live in a touristy area—I try to avoid the downtown. But I still like to get out for some fresh air (breathed through a mask, of course) and exercise. I chose to wander some back streets and visit some temples off the mainContinue reading “Overtop a Roadside Gutter (Poem)”

Freshly Tilled Soil (Micro-fiction)

A few weeks ago, a writer friend and I began a new challenge. Now, we have a good history of starting challenges, but though we initially do quite well, our history of finishing challenges is a bit on the sketchy side—perhaps because we never really create an end-date, letting them fizzle out instead. But we’reContinue reading “Freshly Tilled Soil (Micro-fiction)”

Morning Run (Micro-fiction)

I have so, so many half-finished stories. Some are half-finished and on-the-go. Others are half-finished and mostly abandoned. Some date to my high school years. Others, to last summer. All are half-finished and going nowhere fast. This makes me feel… not so good. I believe in most of these stories, but I just can’t quiteContinue reading “Morning Run (Micro-fiction)”

A Poem About Quiet

Last summer, a friend introduced me to Jericho Writers, a writing community and business that aims to help writers navigate the craft and the world of publishing. I signed up for their Summer Festival of Writing, and then joined as a regular member. I am finally, at long last, catching up on some of theContinue reading “A Poem About Quiet”

Getting My J-Study On

This year I’ve done it: I’ve publicized my intention to improve my Japanese, and even gotten heaps of advice and teacher recommendations. Failure is not an option; I cannot comfortably bury my head in the sand and abandon my books after several days. Not this year. I received so much great advice and so manyContinue reading “Getting My J-Study On”