Hot Pot and Ohagi at Abe Noen Farm

Back in December, I was invited up to Sendai to take part in a few tourism-related programmes the area has to offer. First, I visited Kanbai Shuzo Sake Brewery. You can find out more about that here. I also had the chance to visit Abe Noen Farm in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture. Abe Noen is run by theContinue reading “Hot Pot and Ohagi at Abe Noen Farm”

Choosing a Home or Picking Your Natural Disaster?

When I first came to Japan, I looked around at all the concrete-covered hillsides and concrete riverbanks and thought, “Ugh. How hideous. Why would they do that? Surely that prevents rain soaking into the earth, leading to inundations.” It was YEARS later that I read a tweet explaining that it was done to PREVENT disasters.Continue reading “Choosing a Home or Picking Your Natural Disaster?”

Permit Me a Rant

A little background: I have two daughters, one who is eight years old, and one who has just turned three. The eight year old usually takes part in a few lessons outside of school. All were put on hiatus at the beginning of March after Japan’s PM requested schools close, but many restarted towards theContinue reading “Permit Me a Rant”

Silver Linings

Six-ish years ago, my husband and I packed up our life in Tokyo and moved an hour down the coast to the city of Kamakura. We had planned to open a cafe, but after having trouble securing a house conducive to the food-service business, we snapped up a house by the beach that had beenContinue reading “Silver Linings”