Are We Starting to Take This Seriously?

It’s Saturday morning. It’s warm and there’s moisture in the air. We’re expecting rain for almost an entire week. Right now, the rain has paused and some sunlight is filtering through fast-moving clouds, shining on surfers taking advantage of the wind-whipped waves in the bay, occasionally causing a glare that burns my eyes. This weekend,Continue reading “Are We Starting to Take This Seriously?”

The Handle is There to Help

I made a foolish purchase the other day: a mini trampoline. My husband is not happy with me. I knew he wouldn’t be. I knew he hated trampolines. But the kids are home, the weather is supposed to turn bad, and we’re trying hard to be good and limit trips outside, which means hardly anyContinue reading “The Handle is There to Help”

Fish Faces Are Always Appropriate

So this is me at my wedding in 2010, making a fish face. ‘Cause that’s what I do. I make fish faces at inappropriate times. But really, is a wedding that inappropriate a place for a fish face, especially if it’s your own wedding? Right. It’s a very appropriate place for a fish face. EspeciallyContinue reading “Fish Faces Are Always Appropriate”