Freshly Tilled Soil (Micro-fiction)

A few weeks ago, a writer friend and I began a new challenge. Now, we have a good history of starting challenges, but though we initially do quite well, our history of finishing challenges is a bit on the sketchy side—perhaps because we never really create an end-date, letting them fizzle out instead. But we’reContinue reading “Freshly Tilled Soil (Micro-fiction)”

Morning Run (Micro-fiction)

I have so, so many half-finished stories. Some are half-finished and on-the-go. Others are half-finished and mostly abandoned. Some date to my high school years. Others, to last summer. All are half-finished and going nowhere fast. This makes me feel… not so good. I believe in most of these stories, but I just can’t quiteContinue reading “Morning Run (Micro-fiction)”

Building My Toolkit, One Mishap at a Time

I decided to multitask yesterday: blogging while spinning—spinning on a bike, that is, not spinning thread. (Although that’s something I really want to try one day.) It went better than expected, only going off the rails when my knuckle tapped the touchpad, which clicked … I don’t even know. But it took me to aContinue reading “Building My Toolkit, One Mishap at a Time”