Writing New Things

Well, it certainly has been ages since I posted anything. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing — I certainly have. Just nothing that’s ready to post.

But I did write one thing that’s ready to go. And it’s a paid thing, too, which is always nice. I’ve never written about politics or elections or elected officials, so the article, which I’ll link below, was definitely a challenge.

These days, I mostly do copywriting and transcreation. The transcreation is always a bit hard since the topics are so varied, it’s guaranteed I’ll come across heaps of kanji and vocabulary I don’t know. In fact, I tend to consider my transcreation work a combination of work and study, as I’ve learned so many new kanji and words (not to mention historical and cultural points) while working. To be honest, the challenge is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. I grow linguistically, ya know?

The easy part, though, is that I don’t have to do much searching for info or thinking of my own. Writing about Yuriko Koike, her COVID-19 response, and the upcoming elections, however, required quite a bit of both. I’m very lucky that I have an editor who is generous with her guidance!

Anywho, here it is. (Clicking image will take you to the Tokyo Weekender site.)

tl;dr: I run through the coronavirus response (good and bad) of Yuriko Koike, governor of Tokyo, mention some of her baggage, and suggest that she’ll likely get a second term, especially since no one running against her has even close to her popularity or visibility.

Published by helenkamakura

Helen is a Canadian writer and innkeeper based in Kamakura, Japan, where she lives with her Japanese husband and two children. If money became obsolete, she would happily accept peaches, fresh peas, and sun-warmed cherry tomatoes in exchange for her labour.

2 thoughts on “Writing New Things

  1. Just read the well-written article. I think most Tokyo-ites would agree with what you said. And yes–the importance of a well-fit professional looking face mask should never be underestimated! Thank you for adding that detail 🙂

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